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Ambassador Bridge to Canada:

Take 401 east to Queens Line, Tilbury (exit 63), (first exit past the service centre), turn right on Queens Line, go 4 miles to Merlin Road (it will be near a big bend in the road and there are about a dozen houses along the right side of the road), turn left after the bend, follow that road to Prairie Siding, keep to the right going through Prairie Siding , follow that road to the Prairie Siding Bridge, turn left, go over the bridge and straight to the first stop/yield sign, yield to the right, down that road to the next stop sign. Your almost there!!!!! Turn left at the stop sign, Winter Line Road and take it straight to Mitchell's Bay it will be the 2nd. stop sign (about 14 miles). You are now at the corner of the Bay Line Road and the Winter Line Road, go through the stop sign, look for a big gravel parking lot on the left, that's the Garden Patch Cabins. You made it.


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